Trilogy Dressage Saddle

Trilogy Amedeo, 18", XW, Black
Sale $2000, Orig. $2200
Description The Trilogy Amadeo is an excellent saddle choice for people who enjoy high quality, attractive appearance, and a great fit. It is designed to provide the maximum comfort for both horse and rider and is made with only the best materials out there to ensure maximum life span and appearance. You don’t have to look any further if you want to look great and ride better. The Trilogy Amadeo has a fairly moderate seat depth and twist as well as a generous seat bone position. If this is the kind of fit that works for you and your horse, then this saddle is a wonderful choice. It keeps you in place fairly well which is helpful for everyone, but especially so for those who have physical impairments which require more support. It can also be a good choice for horses that are harder to fit. As with all Triology saddles, the Trilogy Amadeo is made with a British tree made from the best quality laminated beech wood and is paired with specially tanned hide. The way the hide is tanned provides a luxurious broken-in feel while also making the leather very grippy to keep the rider in place. Because they are broken in when you buy them, they allow the rider to get a much closer fit. The wide seat bone support is important for any riders. If you have ever felt like you are hanging off the sides of your saddle, then you know how uncomfortable it can be. With the wide seat bone, you can feel safe and secure which will increase your confidence. It is very beneficial to get a saddle that fits both you and your horse comfortably. The Trilogy Amadeo does this for many riders by giving you an off the rack broken-in feel as well as a wide seat bone support.